3 Fashion Risks Worth Taking

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, especially when it comes to fashion. Most people don’t have money lying around to buy a whole new wardrobe, much less the time to head out on a serious shopping spree. But there are cost-effective ways that make it possible to take fashion risks without breaking the bank. Now’s the time to try something new and see how it works out. In most cases, there is nothing to lose by stepping outside of a fashion comfort zone.


Many women have lots of different accessories in the closet collecting dust. From the hat that has never seen the light of day to the earrings that don’t go well with anything, there are lots of fashion risks just waiting to be unleashed. Start by picking out one accessory that hasn’t been worn in a while. Then, try to find something different to go with it. Or, just wear it with a favorite outfit. No matter what, just make sure that a long lost accessory makes it way outside and take note of how things go. If it just isn’t working, it might be time to get rid of it. If it worked, consider incorporating it more often.

Make New Pairings

With lots of separates in the closet, it can be tempting to pair the same two things together over and over again. It just makes sense. But consider stepping out and taking a risk by matching different pieces up. Even if the two don’t quite seem to go together, try on different shoes or different accessories to see if an outfit emerges. By looking outside the norm, there are lots of fashion possibilities just waiting to be explored. The cost of the risk is low and it might just open up a whole new world of outfits.

Make One Unique Purchase

If it’s tough to take a risk with items already housed in the closet, consider making one purchase that is going to switch things up a bit. It could be a blazer that will look great with several other pieces. It could be an amazing pair of shoes. No matter what it is, add one thing to the closet and see what possibilities open up. For more ideas on revitalizing your look, check out http://www.acodeza.com.