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Foreclosure is what happens when the bank or another lender wants to take back the house or apartment you rent because your landlord cannot pay the mortgage. If you aren’t paying your bills you may be brought under a foreclosure and lose the property that you thought was yours. The listing owner may redeem the property from either attorney’s office by paying the delinquent taxes plus costs and attorney fees at anytime up to and including the day of sale.

Have the date, time, and location of the foreclosure sale; the property address; the trustee’s name, address, and phone number; and a statement that the property will be sold at a public auction. If there are no bids higher than the opening bid, the property will be purchased by the attorney conducting the sale, for the lender.foreclosure

If bank believes auction will not recover a good price, bank may buy …

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If the borrower believes that a lender or servicer has violated the requirements for a single point of contact in section 38-38-103.1 or the prohibition on dual tracking in section 38-38-103.2, the borrower may file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General , the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), or both. An order or mandatory process in writing issued in the name of a court or judicial officer commanding the person to whom it is directed to perform or refrain from performing a specified act. The process and timing of a foreclosure can vary by state laws, and many other factors.

It can sell the house, but if the sale does not produce enough money to pay off the mortgage, you do not have to pay the difference. North Carolina does not sell tax lien certificates; therefore, payment of the tax lien prior to sale at public auction will …

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With traditional lending sources virtually non-existent for real estate investors, bridge financing is quickly becoming the primary source of funding. A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a legal document signed by the homeowner to voluntarily transfer ownership of the property to the lender in exchange for a release from the loan. We have created templates for a legal request, a letter to your lender and a motion to compel to help you through the process.

At-A-Glance also gives you some tips on how to register for a Trustee auction that may not be available online. Some well meaning buyers have this picture in their mind of a cute little house, surrounded by a white picket fence that is owned by a widowed mom who fell on hard times, but that scenario is generally far from reality.

CLS represents a limited number of homeowners who have been sued in foreclosure …

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A foreclosed property – also known as Real Estate Owned (REO) – is a home that was once customer-owned but has been turned back to the mortgage holder as the result of a foreclosure action or acceptance of a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Check the online auction calendar for the exact dates of upcoming sales, including a list of cases set for sale. The foreclosure Trustee Sale typically occurs on the steps of the county courthouse in which the property is located. To be an eligible bidder, registration is in person with a monetary deposit of $500.00 cashier’s check starting the Wednesday prior to the sale.foreclosure

In addition, the Notice of Sale is recorded at the County Recorder’s Office in the county where the property is located. Hudson & Marshall is your housing resource with a current and knowledgeable info center to make your foreclosure search a breeze. Meaning the Registrar …


Foreclosure sales are conducted online each day, Monday through Friday, at 10:00 a.m. Bidding begins at 9 a.m. No sales are conducted on legal holidays Check the online auction calendar for the exact dates of upcoming sales. This is why you should never hire an Attorney: Because when you do, You are considered a WARD of the STATE! Those willing to take the risk can use a home’s foreclosure status to their advantage, buying a larger property or in a more desirable neighborhood than otherwise possible.

Generally, strict foreclosures take place only when the debt amount is greater than the value of the property. This sale will be made subject to all outstanding county, city, fire district taxes and all local improvement assessments against the described property not included in the judgment.

It also includes the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program for homeowners who are interested in a short sale …