Contractor Registration

NRS 624.035 County or municipality may impose additional requirements for contractor’s license. A licensee or an applicant for a contractor’s license must prove financial responsibility by demonstrating that his or her past and current financial solvency and expectations for financial solvency in the future are such as to provide the Board with a reasonable expectation that the licensee or applicant can successfully do business as a contractor without jeopardy to the public health, safety and welfare.

Prime contractor” means a contractor who enters into an oral or written agreement with an owner pursuant to which the prime contractor agrees to provide work, materials or equipment for a work of improvement. We expect all suppliers and contractors to be familiar with and to adhere to Suncor’s Standards of Business Conduct If you act as an agent for Suncor, you must comply with our code.

The definition of contractor is found in the statute at T.C.A. § 62-6-102 and covers a very broad area, which includes construction, installation, movement, repair, etc. If you cannot find a contractor in your area, please contact us and we will try to connect you with a local contractor.

Major changes will require the developer to reapply under the Improvement Plan procedure identified in Section 228. Was established with the goal of helping residential homeowners connect with contractors who were licensed, qualified and had a reputation for providing excellent service at a fair price.Contractor

Your contractor should have no qualms about telling you where he gets his materials if he’s an upstanding customer. Continuing education is an obligation which pertains to professional contractors and tradesmen whether licensed by the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County.

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