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Our team has successfully listed and sold over $129 million dollars of South Florida real estate annually and would love the opportunity to help you with your real estate needs. Each year, as property values increased, property taxes increased in the same fashion. Our staff is ready and willing to assist you and can be reached at 941-378-2900 if you have any questions about renewing your Florida real estate license. If your property value doubled, for example, your property taxes would double (with the exception of the $25,000 exemption).

Some South Florida homeowners, stuck in a twist on the prisoner’s dilemma, are deciding to sell now—not necessarily because they want to move, but because they’re worried their neighbors will sell first. Many of the destination states also have relatively low property taxes – for instance, South Carolina’s median annual property tax bill is just $769, compared to more than $7,000 in New Jersey.

Also noted for its representation of clients in land use proceedings and real estate litigation. What the team is known for Respected choice for an array of sizable real estate transactions, including property acquisition, disposition and lending. The decline in sales is attributed to a significant decrease in the amount of distressed inventory,” said Kevin Dickenson, a Palm Beach real estate agent.

The inventory levels as of September 2011 for several major South Florida cities are shown below. If an applicant took their basic real estate course online from a discount gypsy real estate school that specializes in all fifty states, they have to know that they are at an extreme disadvantage.Florida Real Estate

As you can imagine, all this licensing and exam work takes time and costs money. East End Market in Orlando’s Audubon Park recently opened and is a unique food venue. The administration in Orlando is tuning into the needs of the real estate investors and is leaving no stone unturned to meet the demands of people who are buying homes here.Florida Real Estate

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