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Dave Chaplin is a former IT contractor and is the founder and CEO of Contractor Calculator, and author of the Contractors’ Handbook. As a QP, your deadline for taking CE is tied to when you passed the exam, not when your company’s license expires. The Contractor Coaching Partnership coaches and mentors contractors servicing the residential homeowner construction market. If the license is issued any time after March 1 in an odd numbered year, it will expire on March 31 of the next odd numbered year – same with even numbered years.Contractor

Is just as accountable to the homeowner as our contractors and we need to know that we have a team member that will represent the entire group with the highest integrity. From this, clients can select contractors from across Canada that have demonstrated a commitment to Health & Safety competency, by completing the ContractorCheck Accreditation.

The Directory is provided as a service and is not an endorsement or approval of any contractor. Please select your state or zip code to find the Contractor or Installer nearest to you. Learn more about who is exempt and how to claim a PST exemption in Real Property Contractors (PDF).Contractor

The general contractor hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work. NRS 624.700 Engaging in business or submitting bid without license unlawful; prosecution; damages; bid submitted in violation of section void. Asking to meet the foreman on the job gives your general contractor an incentive to assign you one of his better crews, since you’re more likely to hire him if you see his A Team.

Inside electrical contractors can serve as prime contractors for all electrical and cabling design, installation, and maintenances in commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Ê the lower-tiered subcontractor may stop work under the agreement until payment is received if the lower-tiered subcontractor gives written notice to the higher-tiered contractor at least 10 days before stopping work.

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