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Practical Tips on How to Engage the Services of an Arborist. You are probably too busy to take care of your trees or cut down some that need to be cut and removed,or you simply may not know the first thing about the whole science and art of on tree service. You certainly need to hire the services of a tree guy or a professional arborist. An arborist is a professional highly trained in the field of planting trees,caring for them and doing maintenance activities on them. Taking good care of your trees is a worthwhile idea which helps to liven the place up while at the same time raising the value of your home dollar-wise. Tree removal and pruning of old and wounded branches could be activities fraught with risks and potential danger. It is better to hire trained people to do such work rather than to unnecessarily risk to do it yourself. How can one go about hiring the services of an arborist? This article will give you a nice little list of the qualities of a good tree service company. The first thing you do is ask your friends for referrals or do a quick search on the web for leads. Such reviews will get most of those tree care services you don’t need out of the way. Ask to see the person’s or the company’s liability cover certificate. This way,you are sure you are safe in case the person gets injured while on duty at your home. Ask them if they will be using appropriate protective clothing such as helmets as this is a regulation from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization). Request them to give you a list of happy and satisfied individuals that they have served in the last few months. Make sure to ring those customers and ask them how the service handled their job.
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A good arborist will be a member of industry based associations and will be certified by relevant organizations such as ISA (International society of Arboriculture).
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Get price quotations from 3-4 companies or professionals to get a feel of the market rate for such work. A true professional will only use spiked shoes if they want to bring the tree down for removal. Check their adverts to see if they say they are going to remove the top parts of trees and decide to continue with your search if they recommend topping. Have a written agreement about the agreed upon scope of work and note down somewhere how damages caused by the service provider will be addressed. If you live in Atlanta,and you want to hire the best tree service available,the best thing to do is to check out reviews online to establish their credibility before you engage them.