Real Estate Liability and Law of Tort – Private Nuisance and Negligence

Residential Real Estate

Typically this works greatest if the house is vacant – stagers bring in furnishings, air mattresses, artwork & other decor and remodel your home in a single to 2 days! It is an investment that can bring upwards of $25,000 or much more-in our area anyway. What you don’t want is a dowdy, frumpy, cluttered house on the market. The competition will eat you alive (because guess what – they are staging!).

If they are unwilling to assist with this, you do have choices. The next step up could be to do the same factor with a stager – in this case you’ll pay anywhere from $150-250 for a consultation with the stager the place they may tell you what to do.

Their team will usually charge about $1000 (give or take, relying on the scale of the house) for staging with your own belongings and transferring …