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Safety is often raised as an issue in FSBO (For Sale By Owner) real estate sales. In addition to FSBO homes for sale, we also feature foreclosures, land, vacation homes, new homes and rentals. However, when more expensive homes are involved, sellers can negotiate for a lower commission rate. It amazes me that people spend less time planning the sale of their home than they do when choosing what to eat at a restaurant.

As a member of the local, state and national boards, I am apprised of ongoing changes that affect the sale of residential real estate. Tom, I have bought and sold 5 properties in South Florida over the past 30 years. While homes have sold in this fashion, a smarter way is to use the internet just because that is where the majority of the home buying public is beginning their search.homes for sale by ownerhomes for sale by owner

The NY Daily News has an interesting and informative article: For Sale By Owner: Getting a good price without broker expense Sure, I’m biased, but take note of his final point: while it makes sense to save money without a broker, a lawyer is worth the money.

The survey revealed that more than half of unrepresented sellers did not actively market their homes to potential buyers. See more information and pictures at – a website featuring homes for sale by owner in the Mason City and surrounding areas. First of all, the average price of a fsbo home is lower than the average price of a realtor sold home because people with more expensive homes generally sell through a realtor.homes for sale by owner

I just authored a post on Rain City Guide (a smokin’ hot real estate blog) regarding a property’s legal description and the importance of including that description in a purchase and sale agreement. But who know; maybe you like your job and dealing with a house for sale is not an option.

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