What Is Foreclosure?

Foreclosure Property Search allows you to search foreclosed properties in Jefferson County and view the files and documents associated with each foreclosure action. As of October 10, 2014, $3.4 billion in checks distributed as part of the Independent Foreclosure Review Payment Agreement have been cashed or deposited. We do not overturn a sale and refund the purchase price because a bidder didn’t know what they were bidding on, or because they didn’t understand the legal description.

This means that only you are in charge of selling it. Alternatively, you can ask the court to give you at least joint conduct with the other person or company, so you have some control over the sale. In this article, we’ll look at the foreclosure process and help you understand the different types of foreclosure.

Many banks do not sell homes directly to investors or home buyers If a bank is willing to sell homes individually and not in bulk sales, the bank will generally list the home through a real estate agent. A foreclosure can occur when mortgage payments are not made over a period of time and efforts to resolve the default are unsuccessful.foreclosureforeclosure

It involves the sale of the mortgaged property done under the supervision of a court, with the proceeds going first to satisfy the mortgage, and then to satisfy other lien holders, and finally to the mortgagor. If you are trying to avoid foreclosure or already have a foreclosure case in court, the Homeowner Support page provides a starting point for you to get the help you need from trusted sources.foreclosure

Click on the Resale List tab to research properties available for sale or download the resale file. THERE IS NO DEPARTMENT WITHIN THE COUNTY THAT HAS INFORMATION ON MORTGAGE COMPANY FORECLOSURES. The information posted on this site (notice, amount due, property characteristics, structures, pictures, etc.) is for assistance only in the bidder’s research process and cannot and should not be relied upon solely by any bidder.

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